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By Matty O'Callaghan 19 Aug 2020

Blackstrap Molasses, Elementary Coffee, and limited edition status are just some of the reasons you should get around this Baltic Porter. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, this surely will…

As a style, Baltic Porter is one of our favourites. Toasty notes, elevated to high ABV, and more than enough charm to eradicate all of your winter blues. First brewed in the early 19th century in countries flanking the Baltic Sea, it aimed to emulate burly British Stouts being exported across Northern Europe.

They're often brewed with lager yeast (which ours is) and while you wouldn't typically find adjuncts like coffee and molasses in a porter sitting on a bottle shop shelf in Poland, we reckon they give it a little extra somethin'.

It pours a rich brown, cascading like syrup into the glass. Aromas of coffee, cacao, banana and clove waft from the collar, which settles dense and tan. The palate shows coffee liqueur, treacle and a hint of dried fruit. Like all good porters, it will evolve as it warms in the hand.

Grab it while you can...enjoy with mud cake and good mates.


PLB Crew