By Pirate Life 04 Aug 2020

Brought to you from the crew behind Gilbert Street Hotel and Pirate Life Brewing, a talented collective of artists are battling it out to have their artwork selected to be the label design for a limited release beer. The decision is in the hands of the judges - YOU. Who will create the winning piece of artwork? Artwork will be on display at the Gilbert Street Hotel from August 1st - August 16th, then Pirate Life Brewing from August 17th - August 30th.

Artist # 1
Whale Tale

Kyle is a self taught artist who loves the diversity of art. He doesn't specialise in one medium or style but prefer to experiment, develop and grow into art. Sometimes his art is simple, sometimes complex but his intention is always to create art that tells stories and evoke feeling. 
Kyle has been creating for the best part of 25 years and has been working as a full time artist for the past 5 years but up until 3 years ago he hadn't picked up a spray can or paint brush to create, this now plays a significant role in his work. 

You can check him out on Instagram and Facebook @whaletaleart

Artist # 2
Alessia Faccini

Alessia draws, all day, everyday. She loves realism and creating art pieces of animals and interesting things on a large scale.

Artist #3
Boneyard Trader

The piece depicts a version of Mexico's Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte.. also known as Our Lady of Holy Death but multiplied by four. It's been digitally printed onto fabric, lacquered and then hung on bamboo.

Micaela is an Adelaide based artist and owner of decor company Boneyard Trader. She mainly works with ceramic tiles to create wall crosses and murals.

Her pieces often depict imagery born from Catholic and religious iconography, and she is heavily influenced by Mexican folk art and death.

Artist #4
Design People

Design People is a multidisciplinary design studio in Adelaide, South Australia. Our work combines passion, playfulness, and purpose to make life nicer for our clients and for their customers. Made up of a group of like-minded problem solvers, Design People have the ideas and energy to fulfil briefs that are big, small, or in-between.

Artist #5
Kid Paris

Started 1984, Melbourne Australia. The beginning of Hip Hop culture in the country. Adopting the traditional 80’s Subway Art style that originated from New York City John got hooked. Pushed the art through the years and earnt a reputation for producing stylish letters in clean quality pieces with good use of colours with limited range of materials available during the 80s. Today having specialist stores worldwide has enhanced the look but still retain the traditional painting techniques that was only possible by using old materials.

His tag “Paris” has influenced many through the years and still today. It’s an opportunity for new generations to have an opportunity in seeing a skill set from the past 36 years of being an active artist who’s stemmed from the foundations on our shores.

More artwork on instagram @kidparis_artist