Iso Knock-Off Beers

By Pirate Life 22 Apr 2020

Working from home is the new norm for many of us, and Friday knock-off beers are slowly becoming a daily ritual! That's ok, we ain't judging...we're participating!

The days of heading down to the Port for a cheeky pint of two with your mates feels like a distant memory and trust us, we're as bummed out about that as you are. We'd love to be able to pour you a cold one and geek on about beery stuff, but that just ain't on the cards.

Keep your knock-off beers over Zoom but don't stop 'gathering' at Pirate Life.

We've all seen the hilarious Zoom meeting fails (if you haven't, here is a collection to get you chuckling). We pulled together a bunch of virtual backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting that'll have you remembering the 'good old days' down at our Baker Street Venue.

Not into Zoom? They're great as a desktop background too!