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By Matty O'Callaghan 24 Apr 2020

Our new release South Coast Pale Ale is 4.4%, easy drinking and serves as a refreshing take on a ubiquitous style.

If our recent Zoom meetings are anything to go by, the entire PL crew is hooked on South Coast Pale! And rightly so. Not only is it down-right delicious, it proudly celebrates our evolution as a brand.

Since launching back in 2015, our West Coast Style Pales and IPAs have lead the charge. They're bold, loaded with hops and until the release of beers like the South Coast, were pretty much all we drank.

Now, we’re not saying we’ve got palate fatigue or anything, and we plan to keep dosing out the dank (of that you can be assured), but as a brewery we're constantly looking for ways to enhance our craft - and we've done so, in this case, by applying a bit of finesse.

The South Coast Pale is brewed with a combination a premium Pale
Malt, Wheat Malt, Carapils and rolled oats. The result is a beer with a light
body, a hint of residual sweetness and a delicate creaminess to the palate.

It's hop profile is present, yet restrained. New Zealand varietals Wai-iti and Taiheke provide a subtle dose of pineapple and stone fruit, while the Cashmere, which is a new world American strain, supplies a gentle herbaceous lift.

In the spirit of creating something more approachable, we’ve dropped the bitterness too, meaning your draught loving compadres will be promptly up in your stash. We'd like to apologise in advance!

This recipe represents a new wave of Pirate Pale. It's cruisy and laid-back; an embodiment of the place where it was brewed. We're really proud of the South Coast, after all, it's more than just a beer, it's our home.

Do yourself a favour and grab a slab today (Free delivery for online orders over $70 Australia wide). Keep in mind, our Port Adelaide Merch Store and Food Truck are both open from 12pm – 7pm daily for takeaway. Hit us up on socials for a yarn or give the venue a call on (08) 8317 2111.

Take care out there,

PLB Crew ox