Pink Boots - Pints for Progress

By Pirate Life 19 Apr 2018


The Pink Boots Society was founded in 2007 by Teri Fahrendorf and fellow female brewer Laura Ulrich who met by chance when Teri was on a road trip around the USA. At first the Pink Boots Society was simply a list of 60 women involved in the brewing industry who Teri had met during her 12,000 mile trip that summer. But the idea had been born and a year later at the San Diego Craft Brewing Conference the first meeting of the Pink Boots Society took place with 22 attendees. Today the Pink Boots Society has over 5000 members world wide and continues to grow, empowering women in the brewing industry through education.

Every year to celebrate International Women’s Day Pink Boots chapters around the world get together and take part in the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day. This year Pink Boots named only one suggested ingredient: the freshly packaged Pink Boots Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops. The idea for Pink Boots to collaborate on a hop pellet blend stemmed from a casual conversation between YCH Hops CEO Mike Goettl and a YCH Pacific Sales Manager Kelly Lohrmeyer. They both spoke of their shared passion to encourage and support female brewing professionals. This conversation led to a joint hop selection at last years Great American Beer Festival from which a combination of Palisade, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Loral was chosen as the 2018 Pink Boots Hop Blend.

On March 9th over 20 women from different parts of SA’s brewing industry came together to brew the Pink Boots “Pints for Progress” Pale Ale at Pirate Life Brewery. With the ecclectic Pink Boots hop blend as the highlight, the malt bill was kept simple: Pale with a touch of Munich, Wheat and Carapils. The hop blend was added mainly in the whirlpool and as dry hops: Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic make their presence felt with bold tropical and citrus fruit notes while the Palisade and Loral lend a soft, spicy slightly earthy note to the nose. The pallet is crisp, fresh and fruity with no one hop overly dominant. Loral gives the beer a refreshing noble hop character while Palisade lends a gentle, apricot like softness to the flavour.


The decal artwork, by local artist Isabella Whittaker (aka bellawhitts) is inspired by the hard working women of South Australian brewing. Bella’s graphics feature predominately female figures (with plants) and represent diversity, individuality and a sense of belonging. A perfect complement to a beer which was brewed to celebrate the very same values. Massive thanks to all the wonderful women who helped make this beer happen, thank you to Pink Boots Australia for their ongoing support of women in the brewing industry and a big thanks to Four Seeds for the epic brownies that were enjoyed by everyone on brew day.

The 5.0% Pints for Progress Pale Ale will be launched this Friday at the West Thebby Social Club and will be pouring in bars around Australia in late April.


PLB Crew