Unfazed by the Haze IPA

By Pirate Life 26 Feb 2018


No beer style has grown with the same momentum over the past two years as the New England IPA. Typically, the style is brewed with low bitterness, high haze and is packed full of fruit characters care of both yeast and hop selections.

For our third birthday we have decided to brew a variation of the style. Using the same basic blueprint but removing the haze. The idea behind the concept was to experiment and find out if we could impart the same luxurious juicy characteristics that we love about the style but have it crystal clear, crisp and summery.

The Unfazed by the Haze IPA is brewed with an arsenal of big, juicy, fruity hops from across the globe. From the US Mosaic, from NZ a recent addition to our hop fridge in Kohatu and from here at home, one of the newest Aussie hops to strike a chord with brewers and drinkers alike Enigma.

We departed from our usual yeast strain for this beer, using White Labs Burlington Ale yeast which is a go to for New England style beers due to its increased ester production. The result is a beer which is more rich and full bodied than those fermented with our usual California Ale strain. It is as we intended, full of fruit character. The tropical fruit and citrus notes care of Mosaic and Kohatu and an unexpected but amazing currant and gooseberry character which may be the result of a heavy dose of Enigma or perhaps the Burlington Ale yeast.

The Unfazed by the Haze IPA will be one of three new beers pouring at this weekend’s Pirate Life Third Birthday at the Gilbert St Hotel in Adelaide. Anyone who has been down for one of our birthdays so far already know that it’s a solid day of good beer, good food, good music and a heap of craft beer fans enjoying the chance to enjoy the late summer sun.

If you are in Adelaide (or even anywhere close) then do yourself a favour and head down. The party kicks off at Midday this Sunday!


PLB Crew