Serve and Store Your Whisky BARREL AGED Stout Like a Boss

By Pirate Life 16 Aug 2022

People often ask us how to best store and serve a Limeburners Whisky Barrel Aged Stout. So, with the new 2022 release available now for purchase, we thought we’d share a couple of tips to help you get the most from yours.


no glass limey

If you don’t have the capacity to cellar, don’t stress, this year’s batch is tasting sublime as is – remember, it’s been happily aging at our place for the last 15 months.

For those hanging onto a sleeve or two, best shoot for a cool, dry place away from direct light. PL Co-founder, Red says anywhere from 5°C – 8°C is the sweet spot and to avoid fluctuations where you can.

Yep, the fridge will work, it’ll just take a little longer to develop.

In time, the beer will become smoother, and start to display more pronounced malty, raisin-like characters – so if you’ve got somewhere safe to keep it, we highly recommend having a crack.

Best before is 10 years, so treat yourself to a couple and sample them periodically. That’s what we’ll be doing!



When it comes to stout, we like a glass that’s not too thick, with a substantial opening to release all those wonderful aromas.

Pints are great, as are schooies, though a beer this rare calls for something spesh...wouldn't you agree?! 

The 473ml balloon pictured above works wonders and we’d also endorse a broad bowl Bordeaux – which is code for big-ass wine glass. 

Start with a half pour and a finger or two of head, it'll enhance the nosing experience + keep you on top of that 10.5% ABV.   

Serving Temperature


Beers like our Whisky Barrel Aged Stout benefit from a warmer serving temperature, as it allows the liquid to open up and yield its complexities.

Much like barley wine or a Belgian strong, they’re commonly enjoyed between 10°C and 12°C. That is, sipped slowly, not whipped back like a frosty draught.

Of course, we’d never tell you how to drink yours (whatever temperature or pace you prefer is A-OK) but do recommend giving it a little time in the glass. *Said cheekily as we scoff one from the tin.


LB 2020 Cheers-min (3)

If you’re looking to elevate the experience, try any cheese that’s stinky or oozes, slow cooked bourguignon, dark chocolate truffles, a quality cigar, and a Limeburners whisky on the rocks.

That oughta do it.


Cheers and enjoy,

PLB Crew.

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