have you ever had... ants in ya pants?

By Pirate Life 10 Feb 2021

We usually write our own blogs, but we couldn't go past this awesome write-up that our mates at Knobby put together.. Read on for wordsmith goodness...



We teamed up with the crew at Pirate Life Brewing and created the most unapologetically Australian beer with a weird little twist... Ants In Ya Pants!


Somewhere in the Coral Sea off northern Australia, there’s said to be a small, nameless island populated only by Green Ants. In fact to this day, no-one knows exactly where the island is. Many tales have been passed through the generations, but as the story goes, hundreds of years ago a bunch of fun-loving pirates would head there for their annual pirate summit, to plan the year ahead.

Deep underground, the pirates constructed a brewery to develop a sacred ale infused with the local, exotic ants. In return, the pirates would serve Riwaka hops to the colony of ants, giving them superpowers. The ants formed wings and grew to over 12 feet tall. It was a win-win. The magical brew would grant the drinker everlasting good times while on the island, and quickly became the most powerful drink in the galaxy.

However, such power could not be left unprotected. The trusty ants were sworn to protect the brew by the almighty Sun (who was in on this too, of course), and more importantly, to keep the recipe hidden while the pirates were off doing whatever it is pirates do.

But, the incredible island vibes and awe-inspiring ale could not remain hidden forever. One day as the ale was brewing, an advanced army of alien space ants in whirling UFOs arrived with a mission to pinch the recipe and abduct all the local Green Ants. Thankfully at this point, the mighty Sun opened his eyes and in his usual heated self, summoned his pirate mates to fight off the alien invasion. He even shot laser beams from his eyes... pew pew! It was awesome.

The battle didn’t last long. The giant Green Ants and pirates claimed a stunning victory, and continued to brew good vibes on the island for many years. The secret recipe was kept safely hidden… until now.


Pirate Life and Knobby are a match made in heaven. Both founded in 2014, we started from humble beginnings with a dream. Both brands were built on risk and created for legends, we’re creatively bold, and we’ve changed the way people think about two of the most important things in life… underwear and beer!

Even with us located in Adelaide, South Australia (roughly a 2,000km drive from Knobby HQ) our long distance relationship has been a success. We’ve both created a playground for creativity that explores and experiments with new products and recipes, to showcase and compliment the experience our brands are built on.

With the power of distribution, Knobby knew we would be able to get this Aussie Pale Ale, Ants In Ya Pants, in the hands of members throughout Australia. In the end, we love their beer and they love our undies. It’s that simple. And, we hope you love what this collab is all about.



Knobby is more Australian than a swooping magpie, and we wanted to create a beer that was a reflection of our unique community. With a sprinkle of originality, fun and creativity and, like every month’s undie design, we wanted to surprise!

With the help of Pirate Life, we created one helluva experience. An Aussie Pale Ale with a twist.

The beer pours a glorious sunny yellow, with a persistent haze.

You can expect aromas of pineapple, nectarine and lime. Oh, and on the palate, citrus pairs with herbaceous notes and a gentle hint of malt.

ABV: 4.8%

Base Malt: Pale Malt, Wheat Malt

Specialty Malt: Carapils, Oats

Hops: Riwaka, Strata, BRU-1

Extras: Green Ants


What if we were to include a native ingredient and a unique bush tucker. Maybe a cranky little critter with a powerful citrusy punch… Green Ants!

You may have seen them crawling over branches and through the bush in Northern Australia. In fact, they were traditionally favoured by Aboriginal people for their medicinal benefits and protein content. Clever cookies!

The Green Ants add a lime and coriander flavour with a big citrus burst on the palate, so half a kilo in the whirlpool did the job.

Ethically sourced by our mates at Something Wild, they’re hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia People. They’re actually one of very few companies to have a permit for green ant harvesting in Australia. High-five!

Pretty cool, huh? Now, you're thinking... how do I get my hands on a can of this.. Click here to buy online, or try your luck at a local bottle shop. 


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