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Cheesecake with Acai & Passionfruit Glaze by Rocky Oliveira

By Pirate Life 23 Dec 2020
Christmas isn't complete without nearly exploding from fullness! Once you're devoured your Christmas ham and survived small talk with your great-aunt who's half pissed on Fruity Lexia.. get stuck into this cheesecake. Our Head Chef Rocky has had this one on the OG Food Truck menu lately, and it's absolutely delicious. 
1.2 kg cream cheese
550g sugar
600ml cream
2tbs plain flour
1 can Acai & Passionfruit
170g can passionfruit pulp

Combine cream cheese, sugar, cream and flour in large bowl.
Mix until smooth.
Bake at 200 degrees for 50 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Place in fridge to chill. 

Mix 1/3 cup Acai & Passionfruit and passionfruit plup in small bowl.

Drizzle over chilled cheesecake. 
Serve and enjoy with the remaining Acai & Passionfruit.